Wenatchee Marathon, half-marathon and 10k

Marathon, half-marathon, 10k (Boston Qualifier) Fast course on the riverfront trails along the Columbia River with no traffic.

Race date: 
Saturday, April 18, 2020
Race distance: 
Run type: 
road race, run walk
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Event type and distance: 
marathon, half-marathon, 10k
City and state race location : 
Wenatchee, WA
Name of park, lake or trail : 
Riverfront park trails
Starting line address: 
123 N Wenatchee Ave
Event Venue: 
Performing Arts Plaza, Riverfront trails
Day of race registration: 
Swag, t-shirt sizes: 
tech shirt
Race director: 
Ian and Wendy Crossland, Lynda Finegold-Brine, Colin Brine
Facebook page: 

Ted Driven

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How many years has this race been held: 
Proceeds will go to: 
Cancer research and local organizations
Race timed, managed or directed by: 
Accustat Sports Timing Inc. - Athlinks Services https://services.athlinks.com/timers/accustat-sports-timing-inc/
Event management company: 
Link to the results from previous years: 

Wenatchee Marathon

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