Put your race on the race calendar!

Put your race on the race calendar

The US Race Calendar is the national running race calendar that runners and race directors add their races to.

Runners can find races to run and add their races. Running clubs can use this site for their own website. Logged in runners add, update and delete their own content. Runners can comment on races, upload race entry forms, results and add race pictures. Put your race or running club on the race calendar (free).

You can see only your content by logging in, clicking on your user name and then track on your account page. This a great way to watch your favorite races. If you comment on a race it will added to favorite races.

How to add a race or running club
To add content just create a user account. To create a user account provide your email address and Choose a user name Your email will be confirmed with an email containing your password. You may change your email address or password if you are logged in. If you forget your password it will be mailed to your email address. Use the Request new password link. If you forget both leave a note on the contact form and new one will be sent to you.

After you have successfully completed the above and logged in the menu option to add a race calendar will appear on the top menu.

All content will be approved before being added and so may not appear right away.

Log in create user account at https://www.usracecalendar.com/user