Privacy Pledge

Privacy Promise:
There are no other apps or outside programs that are able to access user data. Your information is safe here.

The US Race Calendar will not send emails urging you to visit this or any other website. If Personal contact form (under contact settings) is checked on your user profile registered users may contact you but your email address is not shown to them. If Receive content follow-up notification e-mails (under Comment follow-up notification settings) is checked on your user profile you will receive emails when your content receives comments. Edit your user profile here If another user is sending you unwanted emails, leave a message on the contact form.

Registration is only necessary to keep unwanted content off our web site. The US Race Calendar absolutely does not send out emails urging you to visit this site to see some new content or user input (or any other site).

Registration information (read your email address) will never be given or sold to any third party. The website administrator will never send emails to you advertising any products or services for sale. Administrators may occasionally send individual email concerning this website if necessary. This website does not send out mass emails or the same email to more than one recipient. This website makes absolutely no use of the information provided other than to keep this website free of unwanted content. Information is not transferred anywhere else and no lists of information are kept or compiled anywhere except on this website. Your information is only stored once with your profile.