Put your race on the race calendar!

I have loved the US Race Calendar

I have loved the US Race Calendar since I started doing it around 2000. It originally started it as a race calendar for our running club newsletter that I started doing sometime in the 1980's. I then became the webmaster http://www.grrc.net/ and learned web design. My wife Julie is still the newsletter editor and is club secretary and I am still the webmaster (the only one our club has had) I started a list for the race calendar but it got so big that people just wanted local races so I made a separate one for Illinois and one for up to 50 miles away.

Julie and I at the Great Carp run on Credit Island

My First Marathon, Memorial Health Tybee Island Marathon

I had for many years never ran a marathon because of the time it takes to train that much and the frequency of injuries among people training for a marathon. My wife (Julie) and her running friend (Kim) decided to, so I did also. This involved training all through the winter. They had some walk/run they found somewhere I did not want to do a walk run plan so I trained by myself. Unfortunately I was also busy with work at this time and did not train as much as I should of. My longest run was 18 miles, but I don’t think I did those long runs often enough.

Keep your race up to date

Each year add current race information to your race page. You can see all of your races by visiting your account page then click on track. You can see your account page by clicking on your user name at the top of the page. Log in to see your user name.
You can also click on "Most recently added races" on the race menu then "My recent content"
After you find your race just change the lines which need to updated and click save at the bottom of the page.