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Try Melon Tri Indoor Triathlon Muscatine IA

Race date: 
26 Jan 2014
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Indoor Triathlon900 yard swim, 7 mile Airdyne bike, and 2.5 mile track run

Try Melon Tri Indoor Triathlon Muscatine IA
We made a couple changes last year. We added heats, so the race starts
at 11:00 a.m. (formerly 12 noon). Also we switched to using our Keiser
M3 Indoor Cycles - 10 miles @ resistance level 8 (formerly we used the
Schwinn Air Dyne).

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Muscatine Community YMCA

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Muscatine Community YMCA
1823 Logan St
Muscatine, IA 527

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Try Melon Tri

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the entry form has been added

the entry form has been added

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