Kirby Derby 5K and 10K Monticello, IL

Race date: 
9 May 2015
Location and race distance
Race distance and location
Monticello, IL
This race distance: 
10K and 5k run
Venue, race location or link to map to get there
Event Venue Location: 

Forest Preserve Park, Monticello, IL

Race director or event manager
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Link to this page How?

Kirby Derby is on Facebook

I found the facebook page here if you want more information.

Runner in 2010 10K

My sister and I ran it together and had a blast. Nice route (near end there is a good sized hill, wow that was rough when you don't run many :-))

Shirts were very nice. I run in it often!

runner in 2010 10K

I ran the Kirby Derby 10K in 2010 and I had a blast! It's a great, well-organized running party. The route was nice, with about a mile of it being hit with some stout winds (the 5K route avoided that hazard). Decently scenic for Illinois. Lots of friendly people, good refreshments, and some really nice looking shirts for the event if you register early enough!

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