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Lawrence County

Lawrence County was one of the counties in Illinois where I couldn't find a race to run in when I began planning to run a race in every Illinois county. So, when the first annual Lawrence County Kids Shopping Day 5k popped up this year, I jumped at the chance to run it. Even though Lawrenceville is a long drive from Springfield and even though the temperature at race time was a surprisingly cold 34 degrees and even though this was only a 5K, I'm glad I made the race. Read more »

2010 Goals

I wasn't sure if I was going to make a list of goals for this year, which is why this post is in February, instead of the early part of January. But, I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to accomplish for 2010, so I thought I'd commit those goals to paper (computer). Read more »

2009 in review

Overall, 2009 was a good year for races for me, as I continue my quest of running a race in each of the 102 counties in Illinois. However, in terms of running, I backslid this year, with the number of miles I ran down considerably from 2008.
As far as races go, I ran 17 races this year in 15 new counties. Two races, the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon and the Great River Road 10 miler, were in counties I had already run in before. My goal this year was to run in at least 13 new counties, so I achieved that. I have now run in 42 counties and have 60 to go. Read more »

Henry County

Well I'm pleased to report that I ran my ice off today in Henry County. Actually, I traveled to Kewanee on this New Year's Eve to run in the 28th Annual Run Your Ice Off Hard Core 5k. It was a very nice race with about 150 or so runners.
The temperature was 17 degrees when I pulled in to the parking lot of the Flemish American Club, which was where the race began. The facilities were nice and the race was well organized. They gave out a nice sweatshirt to the runners and a pair of winter running gloves to pre-registered runners. Very nice. Read more »

Vermilion County

OK, so apparently a workout regimen of almost no running or stretching and a diet of high calory food, beer and soda is not the best way to stay in shape. Read more »

2009 goals

I'm not sure if setting goals is the greatest idea in the world, but here are my goals for 2009, as I continue my effort to run a race in all 102 counties in Illinois. Read more »

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