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Logan County-Lincoln Christian College

It was only a two-miler and it was held at 4 p.m. on a Friday night, but there aren't a lot of races in Logan County, so I chose to do this one. Read more »

Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon

Haven't posted in a while since I haven't run any races in new Illinois counties. Family obligations kept me from the Delavan Half Marathon in March but hopefully next year. Read more »

Rock River Striders race circuit.

Carl Sandburg 4-18-2014 Galesburg
Wild 5 5-24-2014 Davenport
SMART Run 6-08-2014 Sterling
Maple City 4 6-14-2014 Geneseo Read more »

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I wish it was the next day

Sometimes sitting here working here in the evening I wish it was the next day so I could go out and run. I usually go out and run after work but on most days I can't wait for that to happen. Read more »

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Pictures from races all over the US

One of my goals I would like to do someday is run races and trail runs all over the US taking pictures and post them on this site.

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Galva Independence Day Is One Of My Favorite Races

In these long cold winter months when sometimes it is hard to get out and run I start thinking about good times running in the summer. I was just thinking about the Galva Independence day race. Read more »

Galva Independence Day
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There is much to be said for small races

You know I think I just like those little small races where you park within site of the start line without driving around looking for a parking place. Read more »

2013 in review

Overall, 2013 was a pretty good year for running for me as I seek to run a race in every one of Illinois' 102 counties. Read more »

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Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon

Packet pickup was at Navy Pier on Saturday. I love going to these large picket pick-ups, you can get some great prices on running clothes and some prices are higher. Read more »

Chicago Banco Popular Half-Marathon
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Running On Vacation

Being away from home for an extended period of time can put a cramp in the best of running schedules. Read more »

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