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St. Clair County

Finally! It has been four months since my last race and since I last added a new county in my goal of running a race in all 102 Illinois counties. Read more »

2008 in review

In February, I decided I would like to run a race in all 102 counties in Illinois. Up until that point, I had run races in 11 different counties. Read more »

Champaign County-Illinois Marathon

Wow! I did it! I ran my first marathon in 22 years yesterday, when I ran the first annual Illinois Marathon in Champaign-Urbana. It was a great race. Read more »

Sangamon County Frostbite 10

I live in Sangamon County and have run a lot of races here. Read more »

Fulton County

Snuck in an unexpected race today, traveling up to Canton for the first ever Friendship Fest 5k. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately since I like to run, it was a little longer than a 5K Read more »

Fayette County

As early as last year, I had targetted June 14 to run the Steamboat Classic 15K in Peoria County. Read more »

Kane County

I grew up in DuPage County and started my running there before moving to central Illinois 19 years ago. For the life of me, though, I can't remember if I ever did a race in Kane County or not. Read more »

Ford and Iroquois Counties

Well, this is what running in all 102 counties is supposed to be about: learning a little bit about new areas of the state and visiting places I haven't been before. Read more »

Adams County

The first mile of the Quincy "Bridge the Gap to Health" half marathon was the toughest mile I've ever run. The second mile was tough but it was dwarfed by how hard the first mile was. Read more »

Logan County-Lincoln Christian College

It was only a two-miler and it was held at 4 p.m. on a Friday night, but there aren't a lot of races in Logan County, so I chose to do this one. Read more »

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