The US Race Calendar is your race web site

The race calendar is your race website, update it as your race information changes. Upload race entry forms. Get more runners by frequently adding and updating current information about your race. Add updates and comments to keep runners up to date with current information about your race. Let runners know of approaching registration dates and price changes. Make sure that race information is correct year around at all times. Always have the next race date and registration accurate and up to date.

The US Race Calendar is the national running club race calendar that runners and race directors add their races to

Runners can find races to run and add their races. Running clubs can use this site for their own website. Logged in runners add, update and delete their own content. Runners can comment on races, upload race entry forms, results and add race pictures. Races are sorted in several lists with the most recently updated ones first. Put your race or running club on the race calendar (free) There are two ways to see only your content.

Put your race on the race calendar!

All runners and race directors can add races, comments, blogs and running clubs to the Race Calendar for free. Races are held by running clubs, race directors, event managers and non-profit organizations. They can be running, track, bicycling, hiking, orienteering, swimming, rowing, paddling, snowshoe, in-line skating and walking events are welcome (and indoor track and triathlons). Elementary, high school and boys and girls team events can also be included. All active outdoor events.