Stu's 30k Clinton MA

Race date: 
1 March 2015

Freedom House 5K Run &Walk

Race date: 
9 May 2015

Liberty Bank Bluefish 5K

Race date: 
16 August 2014

Run to The Wall Clinton, OH

Race date: 
Saturday August 2, 2014

Hunger Run 5k, Clinton, AR

Race date: 
15 March 2014

Clinton Half Marathon Clinton IA

Race date: 
7 September 2014

Register now for the Clinton Half Marathon held 9/10/11, located in scenic Clinton, Iowa. Choose your race distance: 5K, 10K, or the half marathon. Read more »

B-rrry Scurry 4 Mile Clinton, IA

Race date: 
February 1, 2014
B-rrry Scurry 4 mile run Clinton Community College Clinton IA

B-rrry Scurry 4 Mile
4 mile run/walk Clinton Community College,1000 Lincoln Blvd.

4 Mile run Clinton, IA 563-244-7040

Run/Walk to the Wall 5K

Race date: 
2 August 2014

Run/Walk to the Wall 5K Clinton OH

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