The Right Stocking Cap Does Make A Difference

A stocking cap is the most important item for a runner to wear in the wintertime. This is because 90% of your body heat is lost through your head. It is not uncommon to see a runner wearing shorts and a t-shirt with a stocking cap and gloves. Because of your blood circulation while exercising these are the places that get cold first.
Just any stocking cap will not do. The cheaper ones allow the wind to blow right through them causing your ears to get cold. They will also not stay put, gradually sliding forward over your eyes. Adding a hood helps but is not the ideal solution. A stocking cap should be composed of two tightly woven layers of fabric. Thinner wool-like heavy material is much better than thicker loosely woven light cotton.
It pays to shop around to get a stocking cap that will keep you warm.

The right stocking cap does make a difference when running in the winter