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Turkey Trot Beatrice 5th Annual 1 mile 5 mile YMCA Beatrice, NE

Basic race information
Race distance and location
Beatrice NE
This race distance: 
5 mile and 2 mile run

Turkey Trot Beatrice YMCA Beatrice
1801 Scott Street
Beatrice, NE 68310
9:00 AM
1 mile 5 mile
Alison Leonard
This is a 1 or 5 mile run great for families and kids. It is an out and back course taking you on streets and bike/walk paths starting & finishing in the Beatrice YMCA parking lot. Long sleeve T-shirts will be given to all entries. If you register the day of the race you will receive a shirt but it will not be on the day of the race. You may register online at at If you have any other questions you may contact Alison at the email listed. **Flyer can be printed off of the website as well**

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