Kewanee Run Your Ice Off 5k Run

Hardcore 5K Run

Race Date : 
Sunday, December 31, 2017
Event type and distance: 
5k run
City and state: 

Kewanee, Illinois

Race summary (about this race): 

5k winter run on black top country roads

Day of week: 
Event Venue: 
Flemish American Club
Starting line address: 
313 N Burr Blvd
Kewanee Run Your Ice Off 5k Run
Sponsor or race organizer : 

Kewanee Chamber of Commerce

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Race distance: 
Race Start time for each distance: 
1:00 PM



Here are the results for the Run Your Ice Off 5K Race Saturday afternoon.

It was 3 degrees at the start of the race.

Two hardcore runners, a guy and a girl, ran the race in SHORTS.

232 signed up for the race, 71 said no way, it's too cold, they picked up their

sweat shirt and went home and 161 ended up running the 3.1 miles.

bix7runner's picture


This is a nice run on rural black top roads on the last day of the year. Nice sweatshirts and plenty of good food after. It is an out and back with some rolling hills out near the turn around.