My First Marathon, Memorial Health Tybee Island Marathon

I had for many years never ran a marathon because of the time it takes to train that much and the frequency of injuries among people training for a marathon. My wife (Julie) and her running friend (Kim) decided to, so I did also. This involved training all through the winter. They had some walk/run they found somewhere I did not want to do a walk run plan so I trained by myself. Unfortunately I was also busy with work at this time and did not train as much as I should of. My longest run was 18 miles, but I don’t think I did those long runs often enough. The race was the 7 of February so we would be training all though winter in the snow and cold. Some of those 18 and 10 miles runs were in 4 inches of snow or temperatures less than 20 degrees.

So in February Julie and I, Kim and her husband all piled in their van and rode down to Savanna, Georgia we stayed at their relatives house and had a good visit sightseeing that historic area. Race day came and it was about 45 degrees, sunny and slightly windy. The course was all on Tybee Island mostly in view of the ocean. It was actually a half-marathon repeated twice. Most races it seems are out and backs but I don’t like courses that are repeated again.

Julie and Kim had these gue packages or gels or something that people squeeze to eat while running long races to maintain energy levels. I decided to try one of these although I don’t usually take water on the course or food before the race. They persuaded I needed some food. I took my first one at about mile 10; I even took water at 7, 13 and 20 miles. Right after took the first gue my stomach started to get upset. By mile 20 I had been sick several times. Also the fact that I had not trained enough worked against me so I walked at least a total of 5 miles in smaller segments. So I ended having a walk/run race also. Worst than that the girls past me up around mile 18 as I was walking and never saw them again until the finish. Evidently their planned walk/run was faster than my unplanned walk/run.

Kim finished around 4:50 and Julie finished around 5:15, while I came in around 5:25. I am sure am glad I did tease them about their walk/run plan that worked much better my try to run all the way plan.

When I finished I was so exhausted and dehydrated from being sick so much I just sat down until we left. I don’t think I will try to gue things again. I think it would of helped to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I have not decided if it was a good idea about taking water while running or not. I usually don’t do that and have not done it since.
What about you do take water or use the gue things? Leave your opinions below.



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I just heard that a couple of years they made a half marathon only instead of two loops for full marathons