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West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners

White Grass 5k Snowshoe Run and Hike

Race date: 
Sunday January 18, 2015

White Grass 5k Snowshoe Run and Hike Davis, WV

Frozen Sasquatch Trail 50k/25k

Race date: 
3 January 2015

Frozen Sasquatch Trail 50k/25k 25k, 50k Trail Charleston WV Read more »

Helvetia 10k Mountain Run

Race date: 
September 14, 2014

The 10k run is a challenging mix of paved road, dirt road and mountainous trail. Read more »

West Virginia Trilogy Circleville, WV

Race date: 
October 10 – 12, 2014

West Virginia Trilogy Circleville WV
West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest

Dirty Dog 15K Trail Run Charleston, WV

Dirty Dog 15K Trail Run Charleston WV

Highlands Sky Trail Run Davis WV

Race date: 
14 June 2014

The course traverses Roaring Plains and Dolly Sods Wilderness through some of the most rugged and beautiful terrain in West Virginia. Read more »

Cheat Mountain Moonshine Madness 50 Mile Trail Run Beverly, WV

Night run. Loop course. 51% dirt/gravel back roads, 45% rugged trail, and 4% remote paved roads in the Monongahela National Forest. Time limit: 13hrs. Field limit: 100.

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