Finger Lakes Runners Club

Finger Lakes Runners Club

Turkey Trot Prediction Run Ithaca, NY

Race date: 
27 Nov 2014

run this wonderful, easy, fun, and free event.

Danby Down & Dirty Trail Runs Danby, NY

Race date: 
11 Oct 2014

Danby Down Dirty Trail Runs 10K 20K Abbott Loop Danby NY

Ithaca 5 & 10 Mile Runs Ithaca, NY

Race date: 
7 Sept 2014

Forge the Gorgeous Trail Run Moravia, NY

Race date: 
7 Aug 2014

Forge the Gorgeous Trail Run Moravia NY

Fillmore 5K Moravia NY

Race date: 
26 July 2014

Ithaca Twilight 5K Ithaca, NY

Race date: 
11 June 2014

Ithaca Twilight 5K Ithaca NY

Tortoise and Hare Trail Run Ithaca NY

Race date: 
7 June 2014

Thom Bugliosi Trail Runs Dryden NY

Race date: 
10 May 20104

Hartshorne Masters Mile Ithaca, NY

Race date: 
25 January 2014

1st Winter Chill 5K Ithaca, NY ‎

Race date: 
5 January 2014

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