Massac County-Superman 4 Mile Run

I am Superman! OK not really. But I did run the Superman 4 Mile Race in Metropolis in Massac County tonight. And, as we all know, Metropolis is the home of Superman. Read more »

Kendall County

I went up to Yorkville in Kendall County today to run in the Tax Dodge 10K, sponsored by the Yorkville Park District. It turned out to be a great race for me and Kendall County became the 45th Illinois County that I have run a race in, as I attempt to run a race in all 102 counties in Illinois.
I'm pretty sure the Tax Dodge name is due to the race being around April 15 and has nothing to do with the Tea Party people, especially with the park district, a taxing body, sponsoring it. Read more »

Lawrence County

Lawrence County was one of the counties in Illinois where I couldn't find a race to run in when I began planning to run a race in every Illinois county. So, when the first annual Lawrence County Kids Shopping Day 5k popped up this year, I jumped at the chance to run it. Even though Lawrenceville is a long drive from Springfield and even though the temperature at race time was a surprisingly cold 34 degrees and even though this was only a 5K, I'm glad I made the race. Read more »

2010 Goals

I wasn't sure if I was going to make a list of goals for this year, which is why this post is in February, instead of the early part of January. But, I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to accomplish for 2010, so I thought I'd commit those goals to paper (computer). Read more »

2009 in review

Overall, 2009 was a good year for races for me, as I continue my quest of running a race in each of the 102 counties in Illinois. However, in terms of running, I backslid this year, with the number of miles I ran down considerably from 2008.
As far as races go, I ran 17 races this year in 15 new counties. Two races, the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon and the Great River Road 10 miler, were in counties I had already run in before. My goal this year was to run in at least 13 new counties, so I achieved that. I have now run in 42 counties and have 60 to go. Read more »

Henry County

Well I'm pleased to report that I ran my ice off today in Henry County. Actually, I traveled to Kewanee on this New Year's Eve to run in the 28th Annual Run Your Ice Off Hard Core 5k. It was a very nice race with about 150 or so runners.
The temperature was 17 degrees when I pulled in to the parking lot of the Flemish American Club, which was where the race began. The facilities were nice and the race was well organized. They gave out a nice sweatshirt to the runners and a pair of winter running gloves to pre-registered runners. Very nice. Read more »

Vermilion County

OK, so apparently a workout regimen of almost no running or stretching and a diet of high calory food, beer and soda is not the best way to stay in shape. Read more »

2009 goals

I'm not sure if setting goals is the greatest idea in the world, but here are my goals for 2009, as I continue my effort to run a race in all 102 counties in Illinois. Read more »

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