Henry County

Well I'm pleased to report that I ran my ice off today in Henry County. Actually, I traveled to Kewanee on this New Year's Eve to run in the 28th Annual Run Your Ice Off Hard Core 5k. It was a very nice race with about 150 or so runners.
The temperature was 17 degrees when I pulled in to the parking lot of the Flemish American Club, which was where the race began. The facilities were nice and the race was well organized. They gave out a nice sweatshirt to the runners and a pair of winter running gloves to pre-registered runners. Very nice. Read more »

Madison County-Great River Road 10 Mile

I didn't need to do this race. I ran a five mile race last year in Highland, in Madison County, meaning I had already taken care of this county in my effort to run at least one race in every county in Illinois.
But, although I can't always accomplish it, I also try to make the race I run in a county the longest or most prestigious race in that county. The Great River Road Run 10 Mile is both for Madison County. That, combined with the fact that this was the 50th anniversary of the race, made me come down to Alton to make this my race of record in Madison County. Sorry Highland. Read more »

Vermilion County

OK, so apparently a workout regimen of almost no running or stretching and a diet of high calory food, beer and soda is not the best way to stay in shape. Read more »

2009 goals

I'm not sure if setting goals is the greatest idea in the world, but here are my goals for 2009, as I continue my effort to run a race in all 102 counties in Illinois. Read more »

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