2013 in review

Overall, 2013 was a pretty good year for running for me as I seek to run a race in every one of Illinois' 102 counties. Read more »

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Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon

Packet pickup was at Navy Pier on Saturday. I love going to these large picket pick-ups, you can get some great prices on running clothes and some prices are higher. Read more »

Chicago Banco Popular Half-Marathon
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Running On Vacation

Being away from home for an extended period of time can put a cramp in the best of running schedules. Read more »

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Running & Racing

Millions of Americans across the country will go to a race this weekend. Running and racing go together like a foot and a shoe. Read more »

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Kewanee Hard Core Run, Run Your Ice Off Race

In past years there have been combinations of ice and snow. Last year there was about 4 inches of snow on ground. Read more »

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Start Now And Make This Your Best Bix Ever!

The Bix 7-mile race in Davenport, IA has some major hills and to avoid running out of steam on those short steep hills on the way back, you know the ones that curve up the hill and you cannot see the Read more »

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Going out too fast?

Ever line up next to that guy wearing shorts and gloves at a December Jingle Bell Jog? After the race starts you think you are doing OK, so you just stay with him for a while. Read more »

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Hills Are Your Friends

Hills Are Your Friends Read more »

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Running In The Winter

I have to admit I don’t like running in the winter. It seems like I miss more days than any other time of year. I usually wear more enough to keep warm with several layers of everything. Read more »

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Hennepin Canal Bicycle Trip

The clinking sounds of moving around and the sweet smell of pancakes cooking over the fire greeted us as got up. With a few pots of coffee we talked over plans for our ride. Read more »

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