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Clark County

Second Place! It has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? You have to be good to come in second place and today I came in second place in the first annual Race for the Heart 5k in Marshall, Illinois the county seat of Clark County. Read more »

Carroll County

No more snow! There I said it. It is February 23 and I am saying no to snow. Well ok, we are in the middle of an extended drought so I wouldn't mind some more snow this winter. Read more »

2012 in review

Well 2012 is history. It was not my greatest year ever for running, but it did have its moments, as I seek to run a race in each of Illinois' 102 counties. Read more »

Pope County - River to River Relay

The last section of the eighty mile River to River Relay that I ran in today was the 24th and final leg of the race. It was a 3.3 mile section of the race and it was in Pope County. Read more »

Alexander County

Approximately 375 miles south of Chicago and geographically farther south than Richmond, Virginia is Cairo, Illinois, the county seat of tiny Alexander County and the southernmost tip of the state of Read more »

Scott County

Great Scott! Read more »

Schuyler County

Today was the first day of fall and it felt like it this morning in Rushville, as I ran in the first annual Schuyler County Health Department Smiles Day 5K. Read more »

Randolph County - Popeye Race

He's Popeye the Sailor Man and he has a very nice 5K run and festival held in his honor in downstate Chester, Illinois, the home of Popeye's creator Elzie Crisler Segar. Read more »

Montgomery County

There were all kinds of good races to run in on this Labor Day week-end but I went with the Life Changing 10K in Litchfield, Montgomery County. Read more »

Richland County

Olney, Illinois is famous for its white squirrels. Famous is a relative term of course. Read more »

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