7 ways to run a faster race

1. Think about your breathing and running form, professionals think about form, beginners try to think about other things. Have you ever seen olympic runners with headsets listening to music?
2. Keep your head up and look straight ahead, don't hunch over. Breathe slow and controlled. Rapid breathing causes chest pains.
3. Keep your arms down low and keep your fists comfortable not clenched.
4. Drink a glass or two of water an hour or so before the race.
5. Eat right before the race. Allow at least 2 hours for food to digest.
6. Dress for weather 20 degrees warmer.
7. Get new shoes every 6 months. Don't wear brand new shoes at a race. Alternate between two pairs of running shoes so you have a newer and older pair. Never wear your running shoes for anything except for running.